MT is not playing fair

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

The Problem

Ok… some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been updating the site much in the last week or so… this is b/c Movable Type haven’t been playing nice. For some reason it hasn’t been allowing my to log into the backend app, so I couldn’t create new entries. The login prompt would show but when I clicked the login botton it would think for a bit then stop. This was weird b/c it was able to tell me if I had an invalid login, but not actually log me in. After trying it out with different broswer/platform combinations, I was able to figure out that is was a server issue. So the next step is to bitch and moan to my host. But the weren’t able to find anything wrong… they hadn’t changed the server config or done anything that would have warrented this error. And without knowing Perl (the language MT is coded in) I was unable to tell them which script was screwing up.

Solution Attempt #1

I was talking about my problem with Dave and he said that he’d heard of this problem before and people had been know to solve it by re-installing the software on a sub-domain and copying the DB. I tried, but got the same result. At this point it was obvious that MT wasn’t going to play nice and didn’t want to work on my website. Oddly enough I’ve been playing around with WordPress and have been thinking about using it for manage my site. So this porblem just forcd me to step up the timeline of when I do this. Now the issue is how to get my entries out of MT so that I can import them into WP.

Result: FAILED

Solution Attempt #2

I did some more googling and find one solution that was familiar to the first one, but this time you copy the DB onto your localhost on your personal computer. But I hadn’t touched mine in ages and it wasn’t working properly either. I tried to access my local installation of MT and it blew up in my face too. Now I’m really wondering how I’m gonna export those old MT entries…

Result: FAILED

Solution Attempt #3

I’d been putting off this option, but having exhausted all the other options, it was the only one I had. I had to write a PHP script to export the entries from the MT DB. For some reason I had been putting off this choice b/c I didn’t want to screw up and accidently miss an entry in the export, but I also had a little confidence b/c I’ve been playing around with the PHP/SQL combination for a photo gallery app I’m working on. Thanks to that practice I was able to write it up in about an hours time. I was pretty pleased with it and it worked well when I imported them into WP. Now comes the labourous part and going through each entry and making sure WP did everything correctly.


Moving In

Well now that I’m in my new home you’ll notice a few changes. One being that the layout has changed to v4 for the site, I took this opportunity to implement a new 3-column design I’d been playing around with. You’ll also notice a few inconsistencies around the site as it’s still a work in progress. So you may notice parts of the site appearing/disappearing as I tweak it out.

The Future

Playing around with WP a bit I’m really liking it. So with the new layout will come new sections to the site… it’s being re-born. I’m looking to add two sections to the site: a projects section to display my coding/design projects that I’m working on/did (e.g. the MT entry export script I created), the other being a photo gallery, which will go up as soon as I finish coding the backend.

Reporting Errors

Since I’ve only just implemented this layout, there will be a few bugs around, so if you happen to find one, I’d appreciate if you’d tell me… cheers