Flickr Gallery Coming Soon

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

Ok… so as you know, I’ve been wondering how to display my photos on my website. Well after a little bit of research I discover that there’s nothing out there that will suit my needs. I want something that can store photos in albums and have the ability to tag photos… sort of a stand alone version of Flickr, but none exists. So here’s the deal, Flickr as an awesome API… so I’ve decided to write my own WordPress plugin using the API b/c none of the existing WP/Flickr plugins do what I want. My brain is going on overdrive b/c I have all these ideas for a template based gallery and I gotta say, so far it’s going to plan without any major hic-ups. So in the next couple weeks, look for my gallery to finally go up and shortly after that, I’ll post the plugin for downloading.

Possible names I have so far for this plugin are:

  • MyFlickr
  • WPFlickr
  • PerosnalFlickr

If you have any suggestions… feel free to add it, and by the way, the obvious choice of Flickr Gallery is already taken.