So this is my uncle Jo… or Inky Jo as I call him. When I was younger I couldn’t say Uncle, so I said Inky. He lives in Geneva but is in Canada to give a few presentations and passed through Toronto to visit his sister (my mom). It’s been about 10 years since I’ve last seen him and to tell you the truth, he looks much the same. He’s had the long beard and long hair for a while, no was has seen his chin since he was in university.

Holy shit, I was gonna post a link to some of his work and found he has his own Wikipedia entry… GO INKY!!

Oh and by the way… I turned 28 yesterday… go me!

Lighting: SB-600 sitting on a stool just off camera left, controlled wirelessly with my D80. Wall isn’t that dark, but I played around with the BW conversion to make the light more dramatic.