I’m currently playing ultimate twice a week at BMO Field, which I’ve been told is the largest domed field in Canada. But that’s a hard thing to Google to prove. Anyways, it’s cool to play on a field that pros play one and it’s a good surface. The field at Varsity is a little softer, but that might be because it’s designed for football and not soccer. I really like the fact that the quality of the indoor options in Toronto have gotten better over the last few years with the additions of Varsity Stadium and BMO Fields.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I installed Lightroom and it wasn’t playing nice with Photoshop. I needed Photoshop for this photo so that I could change the exposures for the ceiling and the field with the RAW settings and then merge them.

Also tok some action shots with the D300, it’s nice to use but none of the shots were timed right. My timing has dropped since the summer.