Ultimate season is now under way. With the first tournament under our belts, things are in full swing. For the open (aka men’s) teams in the Toronto area, this weekend was the final stage of the tryout process. While I didn’t make the top team, Goat, I’m not surprised. I’ve played the last couple years on the B team in the club system, called Grand Trunk, which is named after an old railway system, but the logo is an elephant, go figure. This past weekend was a tournament where all the people trying out for the top two teams were split in to four skeleton crew teams for the tournament and my team ended up making the finals and winning, with a couple pick-ups for the finals as some of us were banged up, namely myself. Hence I was able to take photos in the second half.

So here is one of the photos from the finals against the masters team, Tombstone, who are from Toronto and will be representing Canada at Worlds in Vancouver this summer.