So while I was trying to get a photograph of some tall grass I heard some rustling behind me a low and behold, these two were trying to do a sneak attack. But as soon as they realized that I’d spooked them, the quickly turned around and went back into a little stream. This is the only photo I could get before they started walking away from me.

Actually, I had another duck experience while in Amsterdam. To stay for the weekend, I had to work from the Amsterdam office for a day and on my lunch break a co worker and I went for a walk on a small nature trail. A female mallard spotted us eating out sandwiches and as we walked and she started following us. For a good 60m she was no more than 7-10 feet behind us. Which is quite funny to see because a duck has to walk really quickly to keep up with my long legs. The fast turnover and waddle were funny to watch, too bad I didn’t have my camera with me.