So I was in Cleveland for No Surf on the weekend for an ultimate tournament, if you couldn’t tell from photo. I went with a team I haven’t played with in a few years. Toronto runs on a club system and I decided to play on the “C” team this summer and get more playing time, compared to the last two years where I was on the “B” team and not seeing much field time. Anyways, I was watching the “B” team, aka Grand Trunk, play during one of my byes and here’s Ryan (in white) getting a D on the opponent in blue. The blue guy ended up calling a foul on the play, but it’s a tough call because you can clearly see that even though there some contact, there was no way he was gonna get the disc.

This was the “money shot” that I came away with as it’s probably the best action shot from the weekend. I got it at the height of the action and the facial expression on Ryan is key.

UPDATE: ugggh… I have a php script that puts the watermark on the image for me and it’s the final image look muted. My original image is a lot more saturated. hmmmm… I need to figure out what’s going on.

UPDATE: turns out it was just the colour management function of Firefox 3 that wasn’t working for me