Well I’m back from Africa. Actually I’ve been back for a few days now but I was overwhelmed by the number of photos I had that I decided to put them aside for a bit.

One of the main modes of transportation in Kenya is the mutatu (spelling?) which is a minibus of sorts (they look like a VW bus but made by Toyota). Anyways, there are all over the place since the government doesn’t do it’s own public transportation and since it doesn’t look like they cap the number there are on the road. This was taken from inside one of the downtown rides. They’re quite a site because the closer you are to downtown the more pimped out they are and more rap star decals they have on them.

They require to operators, one driver and one that hangs out the door yelling at people to get them to ride his ride instead of his competitors’ and collect fares, which is inly about $0.35 CDN. It can be $0.70 is you’re not paying attention and the fare collector is trying to over-charge you because you’re white. aka Mzungu prices.