I thought I’d lost a roll of film once I processed it all, but turns out it was still in my car, phew. I got it developed and I liked a few of them. This is the last of the Africa film for a bit, I still have a half roll in my camera, but that’ll take some time to finish.

This from inside one of the buses that run all over Zanzibar island. They’re not that big, but we managed to put 48 people on one of these things a few days later, we were subsequently stopped by the police as the legal limit is about 24 people. Oops. It was funny b/c you bribe the cops then move on. We would pass other police checks along the trip and the extra people would get off 100m before the check point so we’d go through it with fewer people, then they’d hope back on. It was really funny to watch.

The sucky thing about the photo is that the lab spilt some chemicals on it and I had to photoshop them out. I’m not an expert re-toucher, but I think I did a good job.