Here’s the other side of the pier in Malindi.

The interesting thing about the coast of East Africa is the people on sex vacations, which is when people go on vacation to a destination in the hopes of hooking up with a local. On Zanzibar is was about the ladies getting with the beach boys, are the rumours about the Maasai true? But they weren’t real Maasai, just ones that wanted a rich white lady to pay for them and buy them shit. When we got to Malindi the roles were reversed. This time it was old Italian men buying the favours of the local women. It’s interesting because Malindi (and area) is a hotbed for Italian vacationers, what I didn’t get is that they had nicer beaches in Italy, why come to Malindi? The beaches weren’t spectacular, but then again, the resorts were nice, at least they looked nice when we walked by.