I went for a walk on Sunday through some of my local parks/ravines. I made sure that my walk back went by my old elementary school, Blythwood PS. It’s a shame that they got ride of the old jungle gym, it was big and awesome. But too many parents complained because their kids broke bones or got bruises. It’s a shame because that’s all part of growing up! Now there’s one of those “safe” structures that can’t be as fun as the one I grew up on. This is the outside wall of the gym and if I’m right, they broke ground on this the year after I graduated from grade six. I just like the lines of the photo. It reminds me of room929.

For added detail, check out all the tennis balls stuck in the vent. Classic.

Oh and you may have noticed that the site now looks a little different. OK, a lot different. Welcome to version 8 of sevennine (aka The 8th Wonder). Some of the changes made are:

  • comments have been turned off because it’s mainly spam (well that and the fact that I have so few visitors that it’s not worth while)
  • the photo info now overlays on the image instead of just below it (just click the info button above the photo)
  • the photo is now centred
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