This past weekend I was down in Ottawa for No Borders with a group of friends. The fields were incredibly muddy due to all the rain that Ottawa has received this summer. The combination of cleats and muddy turf wasn’t a good for the fields that the teams that weren’t in the top 8 didn’t get to play on the Sunday, it was an effort to preserve the fields.. Something tells me that if the open and women’s teams from Winnipeg hadn’t flown in for the tournament and the fact that Rogers was broadcasting the finals, then all of the Sunday games would have been cancelled.

This was taken during the Grand Trunk (Toronto) vs General Strike (Winnipeg) crossover match. The winner got to play in the top 8 the next day. It’s a good rivalry and always produces a good game, and this one didn’t disappoint. GS took it by a couple but it was a heated game with lots of good plays.

This is one of the guys from General Strike waiting for the pull at the start of a point.