I’m back. I just got back from Winnipeg where I spent the last few days for Nationals. It was hit and miss. While it was cool to visit another city to play some against some of Canada’s best teams, it was bad because we shat the bed and didn’t do as well as we’d hoped. We went in 12th (out of 16) and were hoping for a top 8 finish but we just couldn’t pull it together. To tell you how close the field is we managed to beat one of the teams in the quarter finals (RIP) a few weekends ago. So it could have gone either way.

The other thing that sucked is the amount of rain. The muddy conditions ruined the fields and all teams that didn’t make top eight had the third day of the tournament cancelled for them because they wanted to save the fields. I can understand why they did this but we paid lots of money to fly there and play, they should at least have a contingency plan! Oh well. There’s always next year. Right?

I didn’t take a lot of shots while I was in The ‘Peg (don’t know why), but I’ll post a few here. This was taken from the 17th floor of our hotel in downtown Winnipeg.