Last weekend I went to a Roller Derby to check out Chicks Ahoy vs Death Track Dolls. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a lot rougher than I thought. The rules are a little weird at first but you quickly get the hang of the scoring. Initially a flat track was a disappointment (I was hoping for something banked like in the movies) but it enabled us to sit closer in the “suicide seating” area. We were 10′ away from the track so if anyone took the corner hard and got bumped we were gonna get hit! Luckily a couple sat on the ground in front of us so they absorbed the one player that did make it as far as the 10′ mark.

TIP: if you check it out, bring foldup chairs and arrive about 40-45 minute before it starts to get a good seat. They have bleachers but fold up chairs are allowed in front of them in the “suicide seating” area.

As for this shot, I just happened to hit the shutter at the exact same time someone’s Strobist attempt was pure luck, but I like effect.