Dan is probably one of my newly discovered favourites. I innocently stumbled across his song Robots and found myself strangely drawn to it and singing along. It’s cool because when I first heard him is was a singer/songwriter with a band, they I heard his acoustic stuff when I stumbled across a recorded concert, and when I saw him he was backed by a stand-up bass, violin, keyboards and a couple trumpets. (no drummer!) He gets bonus points for changing it up.

I think that I wasn’t the only person to recently discover him, there was an energy to the Rivoli that night. I think he’s just becoming popular as people are discovering his latest album which dropped a couple months ago.

Anyways, the robot is from a flea market in Sarnia and is circa “1980-awesome”, as Dan put it. It was a good show and looks like Frank did too. I got free tickets through a contest on Frank’s site.