So I started a new photoblog. It’s not to replace this one, it’s to go along with 79. It has a common theme, nothing but analog photos. The only colour corrections I’ll allow myself to do are more traditional and light on the dodge/burn.

Since I’ve naturally found myself going back to film cameras as I’m drawn to the slow, thought-out photo taking process. I just wish the turn around time could be shorter! haha Anyways, I’ve started a small film camera collection so I’m hoping to mix up the style of photo too. It should be fun.

I wasn’t planning to do this until a few days ago. I’d caught Zack’s latest critique and he said something along the lines that any photographer should be just as good on film as digital, it doesn’t matter the tool. I couldn’t agree with Zack more and that’s what I “hopefully” portray with my photos. Then Tanja Tiziana started a new photoblog which seeded the idea that people could carry two different blogs.

Oh this move won’t stop me posting some film photos here, there will just be more of them over there. It’s called Click & Wind for obvious reasons. I miss the winding of film, it’s a small but simple joy.