So we finally got some nice weather and we decided to go on a hike called Dragon’s Back, which got its name from the fact that it goes up and down along a ridge. On one of the peaks of the ridge, I looked behind me and liked the view, so I decided to take few photos of it so that I could stitch it together afterwards. I was taking the photos from left to right and out of nowhere a paraglider came into view. It caught myself and my parents off guard.

As we continued the hike we came across their launching point. Turns out they hike up to this ridge with about 28kg of gear. They ended up spending a couple hours up in the air before coming down on a near-by beach. There were five of them in total and all the people along the trail kept looking up at them. I was hoping to capture a frame with a paraglider and a bird, but that wasn’t the case. Oh well.

To give you an idea of what you’re looking at, I’m standing on one of the southern peninsulas of Hong Kong Island and I’m facing north. The islands on the right are actually closer to mainland Hong Kong and are on the north side of the harbour’s east entrance. Slightly to the left of centre, you may or may not notice some faint buildings in-between the hills, that’s Kowloon, the mainland side on Hong Kong.

This is a stitch of 11 images.