So what would a visit to Hong Kong be without a visit to Victoria Peak? I’m lucky that I’m here for a while so I can wait out the weather a go up once the weather clears up and hopefully that’s not on the weekend. The weekends are always busy at tourist destinations, for obvious reasons.

Across the harbour you can see Kowloon (the mainland side on Hong Kong) and the hills behind it, barely. This is considered a clear day in Hong Kong. The only way to get a clearer view is during early fall, which is just after the typhoon season.

This is a stitch of 31 photos. My mom told told me that the guy beside me gave me a weird look when I took all the photos. It’s not that I couldn’t have taken in the whole scene with two or three frames at a super wide angle, but I wanted to get a bit more detail in the shot so I zoomed in a bit.

I also made the photo slightly bigger than normal because I thought it deserved it.