This is the view from the top of Hong Kong Cemetery. I passed it by bus one day and had to visit it the next.

Usually I’m pretty good with language barriers but I had my first “miscommunication.” I walked into the cemetery and wanted to take an immediate shot but some guy came over to me saying something and I thought he was saying that I couldn’t enter but after 3 minutes or so oh me playing charades to ask him if I was getting kicked out or if I was allowed without my camera. So of course I couldn’t help but take a few mainly because I love the fact that the big building across the street is a huge horse track called Happy Valley. On the way out I saw a sign that said “no commercial photography” and nothing else. I’m assuming that personal photography is cool (if it’s done sneakily).

So here’s a stitch of the view from the cemetery in the hill. The funny thing is that I’m not even at the highest point of the cemetery, just the tier with the best view.