I went to the island today for a round of disc golf. Last week was the first round (shot +18) of the season and today was the second (shot +11). A good improvement (I want to be consistently around 5 by the end of the summer) and it could of been worse, they moved some of the baskets (aka holes) on me and I had to look for it on a couple holes. But the worse thing is that they got rid of my favourite hole, a massive dogleg to the right.

In other news I’ve done a little upgrade to the site. You may or may not of noticed some of the changes, it’s only a minor tweak to clean up under the hood but there was one massive addition. COMMENTS! I had comments before but since no one was commenting I didn’t think is was needed when I originally designed this layout. Recently I’ve gotten a bit more traffic and got an email asking where my comment section was, so I figured why not. I’m not expecting much but I’m now giving visitors a chance to say which photos they like.

Feel free to poke around and see if you can spot the changes. Hope you like them. Oh and if you spot any errors, please leave a comment or email me.