This past weekend I drove down to Versailles, Ohio (pronounced Ver-Sales) for one of the longest running ultimate tournaments in North America. Poultry Days was in it’s 29th year and coincided with the town’s own chicken festival of the same name. While competitive, the tournament is a lot of fun and the people you meet are great. On the first day we played against a team that would lose in the semi-finals to the eventual champs and one of their top athletes impressed us after the game by flipping over 10 people after the game. I think he could of jumped over a couple more.

As for my team, Tundra, we did a lot better than we did last year and managed to make the B Final, which we lost 11-9 in a close game. For those not familiar with what a B Final is, after the first day the top 16 teams play for the tournament title and everyone else plays for the B Final. Since we lost, we ended up 18th out of 48 teams, which is pretty good considering it was our first tournament of the season.