One of the things that amazed me about the G20 is that there were lots of photographers, bloggers & journalists around to capture every moment of the G20. It was really amazing to see so many people there with cameras. Heck, I was there to photograph stuff but I wasn’t going to risk my life to get a photo.

The protest photographed here was really small and civil and after they marched a few blocks they sat down in front of a cop road block and sang songs. A slew of photographers surrounded them to get a photo. I saw one photographer wiggle his way to the front to see what was happening and then immediately turn around and said to his friend “they’re only sitting down.” He was hoping for some action, he wanted to photograph police brutality. I know that those are the photos that sell papers & magazines but no need to be disappointed when people are being civil.

Bonus points: how many cameras can you see in this photo?