I recently entered my first ever gallery based photo competition and this was one of the three photos that I entered. The other two were Seaweed Farmer and Hotel & Butchery. Anyways, I found out yesterday that Seaweed Farmer got selected as a finalist, which means that I have to make a print of it and it’s going to be one of 23 works that made the cut and shown at a RMG event. Yeah me!

I haven’t taken a lot of photos lately, it’s been a slow photography year, so the next few days will have more photos from Africa. Wow, I left for that trip almost two years ago.

In site news, you may or may not of noticed that I’ve fixed a couple things around here. I removed ‘elsewhere’ from the navigation on the top because I decided to make this a proper photoblog and have moved all my links to Delicious. Also, if you head over to the archives page you’ll notice that links to the weblog and link entries have disappeared as well as I’ve added a something I call a Tag Bar Chart. It’s a better visualization of which tags are popular on this site. Don’t worry, those of you that like the regular Tag Cloud, it’s still there.