Last Monday I went ice fishing on Lake Simcoe with Nat’s brothers and dad. I remember going with scouts as a kid but that was just for fun. These guys take their ice fishing seriously, they even had a fish finder.

Things I lost in the water: needle-nose pliers and a cosmo mocktail can (it’s an inside joke)

I thought I’d lost my phone too because I couldn’t find it in my bag and it wasn’t in the hut when we took everything out. I was prepared to buy a new one this week but Nat in her infinite wisdom decided to call it randomly, and someone answered! Which is weird because I left the phone in airplane mode and it’s locked, so they shouldn’t of been able to answer.

Long story short, I’m getting my phone back later this week after thinking I’d dropped it in the drink. All thanks to Joy, and her husband who found it. Thanks!