The fog extended into the vineyards.

Ok, you may of noticed that things look a little differently around here right now. I gave the site a minor face lift. It’spretty much the same under the food but the look and feel is slightly different. Things that have changed:

  • Even more of a minimal feel.  When the site first loads you won’t see the menu until you move the mouse on photo pages; on the others it’ll display after the page loads.
  • Keyboard navigation. You can use your left and right arrow keys to move between posts.  Want to see the previous photo? Click the left arrow key.
  • Different themes.  I know that some photos look better on dark backgrounds than light.  So I’ve added three them options in the footer; light, 50% gray and dark.  Once you select a theme it’ll keep that theme up as long as you don’t delete the cookie it leaves behind or you choose another one.  I know cookies can be scary things to some people, but don’t worry, I’m note doing anything sinister with it.

Anyways, poke around and if something breaks on you, be sure to let me know about it.